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Cordless Electric Food Warming Tray - 1000W

Cordless Electric Food Warming Tray - 1000W

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Keeping serving dishes and food contents warm during your party, home-banquet, or holiday gathering is as simple as plug, heat, unplug and serve with our Cordless Warming Tray.

This convenient warming tray is perfect for serving with its large 60cm by 30cm surface area. The high-quality brushed stainless steel and quick high-powered heating element allows the 'hot plate' to fully heat up in just eight minutes. Once unplugged from the power supply, this handy warmer gives off heat up to one hour.

Very simple to use, just plug the warming tray into the power supply and the red power indicator light turns on; then wait until the second green indicator light turns on to gauge when the warming tray is fully heated. From here, the warming tray can either be unplugged and easily transported to the table or serving area, or it can remain plugged in for consistent heating use. The choice is all yours with this versatile food warmer.

Enjoy your next social gathering or festive shindig with this straightforward Cordless Warming Tray.

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