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Cricket Ball Pitcher

Cricket Ball Pitcher

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It's a nice summer day and you are a lone ranger wanting to play a game of cricket. No worries, our Cricket Ball Pitcher has you fully covered. Perfect for practicing a swing, coaching or simply fun exercise, this ball pitcher is the perfect companion for backyards, parks and beaches.

The Cricket Ball Pitcher is simple to set up and use - load up four D batteries into the base, attach the channels to the pitcher, select from 3 pitching angles and let the games begin. Improve your hand-eye coordination while the ball pitcher launches 5 soft balls every 5-8 seconds at a distance up to 5 metres. Simply stock up the balls into the channel and rinse & repeat. Enjoy no fuss, no wires since this ball pitcher runs solely on batteries.

Playing with a friend? You can take turns between the ball pitching intervals. Coaching your child? Perfect opportunity to demonstrate and then give them a hands-on learning experience. Have a pet who likes to play fetch? Condense your telescopic bat and put into storage then use the ball pitcher as a dog ball launcher. With the soft, EVA balls, the opportunities and fun are endless.

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