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Electric Cordless Stick Blender Hand Blenders/Mixer 700ml Chopper

Electric Cordless Stick Blender Hand Blenders/Mixer 700ml Chopper

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Preparing soups and sauces at home can be time consuming with the struggles of transferring the recipes to your blender or stand mixer, then back into the pot to continue simmering. The extra steps can be off-putting, but what if there was a simple solution to avoid those extra steps? Our Cordless Stick Blender Set is easy to use, easy to clean, and dodges all those extra steps.

The Cordless Stick Blender Set is an affordable option to traditional blenders and stand mixers. Its compact size means easy cleaning and easy storage, without taking up all of your benchtop space. These 'hand blenders' are simple to use - attach the immersion blender or whisk to the power handle, place directly into your pot, pitcher or bowl containing your ingredients, then use the one touch control system to continuously blend your recipe to your liking. Alternatively, tap the ON button to pulse your ingredients. The comfortable grip handle is light and ergonomic for sturdy grip, allowing you full control of the stick blender while being gentle on the hands. Mix the entire contents of the bowl with ease, as you control the movement yourself.

Blending, mincing, chopping, whipping, pureeing and frothing are all made simple with the Cordless Stick Blender Set. The stainless-steel shafts and blades are fast, efficient and powerful enough to crush ice. The included 700mL chopper bowl, 700mL beaker, immersion blender and whisk are all dishwasher safe, making clean-up quick compared to other mixers.

With 3 adjustable angles from 90°, 135°, 180° and 21 multiple speed variations on the top dial, this stick blender can execute any mix job. The cordless design allows for a quick charge time and long run time so you mix smarter, not harder. With USB charging, a powerful 7.4V 2000mah lithium-ion battery and an LED charging light as well as a low battery indicator light, this stick blender truly takes culinary to the next level.

Perfect for caravans on family holiday or crushing biscuits for a dessert base at home, this compact and powerful stick blender is a must-have companion. Treat yourself to convenience and satisfaction in the kitchen with our Cordless Stick Blender Set.

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