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Home Entertainment System

Home Entertainment System

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Digitise your library. Our innovative, universal Home Entertainment System with Bluetooth 5.0 takes you beyond the sound.

Whether you boast a broad collection of vinyl, have held on to beloved cassette tapes, or have stacked up a unique CD collection - our music system is here to introduce your collection to modernity.

This unique and savvy Bluetooth music system both lets you enjoy classics the way they were meant to be played, as well as introduce them to a new format that allows you to take your music on-the-go, starting with the tuning knob and volume knob controls. These devices come fitted with both a USB and SD/MMC card slot, allowing you the choice of current formats to ensure your beloved memories, and unforgettable songs, are not lost to the inevitable aging process of vinyl, cassettes and CDs.

Record to USB or SD/MMC from AM/FM radio, turntable vinyl, cassette tape, CD, aux-in and Bluetooth modes. Alternatively, if you want to go back to historical, record from USB, SD/MMC, Bluetooth, aux-in, CD, turntable vinyl or AM/FM radio to cassette tape. Enjoy the ease of mind with the cassette tape's anti-erase overwrite protection to prevent accidental audio loss. Copy and delete a single file, entire folder, or all files of USB to SD/MMC and vice versa SD/MMC to USB with this smart and advanced music centre.

From vinyl to cassette and beyond, music keeps on progressing - but that doesn't mean we shouldn't take the time to appreciate what came before us. Let this large LCD help guide you through your history, one mode and one tune at a time.

When it's time to sit back and simply enjoy your tunes, enjoy the choice of Bluetooth, aux-in, USB, SD/MMC, CD, cassette tape, 3-speed turntable with an included 45RPM adapter, and AM/FM radio playback - so you can experience your collection from A-Z, any way you prefer it. Enjoy the convenient remote control for Bluetooth, CD, AM/FM radio, USB and SD/MMC playback modes, as you enjoy the nostalgia of your favourite music.

It's sleek black or brown frame features wooden speaker boxes, housing its powerful twin speakers totalling at 30 watts, making this universal Home Entertainment System the perfect addition to your living room. Complete with headphone-out and RCA-out, this handy music centre has it all.

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