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Ice Cube Maker

Ice Cube Maker

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Whether you're entertaining guests, or enjoying a refreshing drink after a long day of work, our ice machines will chill your drinks in minutes.

Replace long waits by the refrigerator with this all-in-one drink saviour. Produce up to 10kgs of ice in just 24 hours, or enjoy a smaller batch in only 8 minutes. Its huge, 1.7 litre water tank can fit up to 600 grams of ice. Preparing revitalising beverages has never been simpler.

When preparing for your next event, there's a thousand things to consider - what appetisers are going to line the tables, and where to sit objectionable relatives? Let the Ice Cube Maker take away some of the work, as it is perfect for not only the kitchen, but also gatherings and parties. Check on its progress with the convenient window cover, as well as an LED indicator - making time-management a smoother experience every time.

The full ice bin and low water alarms will indicate when it's time to tend to the ice machine. Anxious wait times are a relic of the past with this innovative Ice Cube Maker, keeping you on top of one of your everyday household and party essentials.

Keep your cool, with our advanced, high-capacity Ice Cube Maker.

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