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Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Instant Hot Water Dispenser

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The perfect brew is a button press away with our Instant Hot Water Dispenser.

Hot-to-touch surfaces, twisting cords, and evaporating water become problems of the past with this smart, detachable water system. Enjoy 1.8L of filtered, boiling, water to-go, with a cool-to-touch body making it the ultimate office-pleaser. The water tank is completely detachable, fitted with a thermal controller to get the perfect warm-up from your chosen drink.

At 2200 Watts, our water systems expend up to 20% less energy than regular kettles, making your 'cuppa' as friendly to your body, as it is to the environment - (and your pocket will love you too!).

Your Instant Hot Water Dispenser is ready to entertain. Your guests, staff, and even your own tummy, will love the difference.

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