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LAE 3.2W Solar LED Wall Light with PIR Sensor 6000K

LAE 3.2W Solar LED Wall Light with PIR Sensor 6000K

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LAE's 3.2W Solar LED Wall Light is a stylish and efficient way to light up your outdoor spaces. The unique curved appearance is compact and modern, while the photovoltaic panels utilize monocrystalline silicon solar cells for low maintenance and energy savings. The battery can easily be replaced, and the professional optical design of the lens enhances light efficiency while reducing glare. With an Intelligent PIR sensor that has a wide detection angle and area, this light will turn on smartly when you need it most. It's also waterproof (IP65) so you can use it safely outdoors.

- Garage doors
- Courtyards
- Backyards
- Balconies
- Patios


- Airports
- Department stores
- Workshops
- Retail stores
- Restaurants and cafes


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