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Vacuum Sealer Sealing Machine

Vacuum Sealer Sealing Machine

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Seal in freshness and flavour quickly and with efficiency, with our Vacuum Sealer Sealing Machine. Triple the storage time and keep foods fresher for longer, the easy way, with this handy food saver.

Perfect for bulk-buying foods, meal preparation and portion control, you can fully enjoy all-natural foods while eliminating chemical preservation. Food savers also reduce waste by preserving foods for longer, rather than chucking out spoiled foods into the bin each week. The vacuum sealing technique prevents bacterial growth, mould and freezer burn. Seal in marinating sauces, herbs and spices for sensational flavour to ramp up your next home-cooked meal.

If you enjoy hunting and travelling, this Vacuum Sealer Sealing Machine is the perfect solution to storing your game and enjoying trail mix and snacks on the go. Vacuum sealed bags are also perfect for sous vide cooking.

This vacuum sealer comes pre-packaged with two external vacuum sealing pumps and one 28cm x 300cm vacuum sealing bag roll, to get you started. The vacuum sealing pumps will perfectly seal bags and canisters, from both other brands and our very own Vacuum Sealer Bags 28cm and 20cm, as well as our Vacuum Sealer Lunch Boxes three-canister set.

Feeling crafty? Fill the vacuum sealing bag two thirds full of water, seal and freeze for an easy ice pack. The vacuum sealing bags can be washed, dried and reused again.

Sealing both wet and dry foods, this large 30-centimetre sealing width is suitable with our 20cm and 28cm sealer bags. Enjoy an in-built bag cutter for a customisable bag size, bag roll storage slot and cord storage for your convenience. The status display screen has flashing indicator lights to show the progress as you are sealing, allowing for full ease of use.

With 25-seconds maximum vacuum sealing time and 15-seconds maximum pumping time, this food saver will be your go-to life changer.

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