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Wireless Charging Alarm Clock

Wireless Charging Alarm Clock

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Newer model smartphones which feature wireless charging compatibility are perfect for this Wireless Charging Alarm Clock. Hosting a sleek, low-profile design and powerful 10 watts quick-charging power, this 2-in-1 alarm clock will conveniently charge up your compatible smartphone as soon as you lay your phone face-up on top of the clock.

Walk into your bedroom and set your phone onto the Wireless Charging Alarm Clock, it will always be on and ready to charge your compatible smartphone. Featuring an FM radio, this smart alarm clock will scan and store 20 FM stations. Enjoy a handy sleep mode countdown so you can enjoy the tunes of the radio for up to an hour and a half before bedtime, which then automatically switches off and goes back to standby mode.

The convenient USB port on the back of the alarm clock can charge all devices, so those without a wireless charging compatible smartphone don't have to miss out. Enjoy a large 3-centimetre number clock display in a charming, white glow colour, in either twelve hour or twenty-four hour formats. Adjust the display between high, mid, low and off, tailored for your every mood.

Featuring a dual alarm system, perfect for those with a school or work routine, this alarm clock is ready to rock at the wake of dawn. For those that aren't so ready to rock early in the morning, there's a snooze button for that. Both alarm one and alarm two will illuminate on the display screen once set.

Power outages are annoying, with having to reset all the digital gadgets in the household once the electricity comes back on. No fear with this alarm clock, because inserting two AAA batteries (not included) will keep it going through those pesky outages, without having to reset the time over again.

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